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Our Story...

Kinky Basement Productions was formed in the summer of 2005 having as its main objective the organisation of events in night clubs as well as in more unconventional places. With the aspiration to do something completely different from the usual events, we organise our events ourselves from every aspect, form designing the pro-motional material and the ways of promotion to the happenings and the music super-vising.


To our public, the young people and students, we offer unconventional happenings, good vibes, much fun and good music. From September 2007 KBP established kinkyradio.gr, a web-radio station witch coiling many fine producers and of course much more fans.


The music style of the radio station is House and the schedule includes different music zones with different styles of House music (Deep House,Tech & EDM). The most important part is the afternoon live radio-shows and dj sets from djs and producers all over the world.


The radio station gave new boost to the already successful course of the team, con-tributing with new fans and many new co operation.

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