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Written by Administrator   

My name is Orfeas Aidonopoulos, born on March 4, 1987 in Athens. I am a graduate student of “Computer Engineering and Informatics Department”, Faculty of Engineering, University of Patras. Furthermore, I have got the “classical piano performance” degree and the “specialist in harmony composition” degree, both with the “excellent” grade.

As regards more specifically the piano, living in Patras, I have appeared in many living room concerts and I have worked and played with piano (4 hands), violin, cello, flute, and clarinet soloists. Also, as a piano soloist, I have played two concertos for piano and orchestra. In parallel, I have composed several piano works and some of them are placed at www.myspace.com/orfeasaidonop.

As far as the kinky radio, I was kinky’s radio producer for three years since 2008. The name of the show was “Tricks of Mind” and my music choices were from the alternative rock and easy listening music scene. After a year, Tricks of Mind will be back with exactly the same style and same choices for our listeners. Also, this fall I will be for first time a ‘kbp’ member as a PR and semi – professional Dj.

Keep music and emotions ALIVE!!!